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Released: 2000-06-04
Production Code: CMAX001
Production Label: C-MAX Records

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   Disc 1
1C-MAX Theme By "King-Show" (1:43)
2...We Are Millenium Special Express... (0:37)
3CIMA: Perfect! By "Jesus Believe Me" (1:58)
4...The World Welterweight Class Champion... (0:46)
5SUWA: So What By "King-Show" (3:24)
6...Do You Think I'm Funny Man?... (1:07)
7Sumo "Dandy" Fuji Ni-sen: T.O.S. By "Scream Of The Beast" (5:40)
8...OK, Once More Practice Time... (1:18)
9Let's Go Crazy FXXkin'! By "C-52's" (2:07)
10...Here We Go To 21st Century Pro-Wrestling... (1:12)
11TARU: Drill A Hole By "King-Show" (4:34)
12C-MAX Fight By "King-Show" (2:36)
13Good Night C-MAX (3:16)

Total Length: 30:18
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