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Released: 2016-03-24
Production Code: Shangri-la Projects 052
Production Label: Shangri-la Records

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   Side A
1Black Knight - River City Tanlines
2Fargo Rock - The S.A.D. Few
3Banana Nose Blues - Rug
4Midget Boogie - The S.A.D. Few
5No Smoking - The Body Slammers
6Blocks - Doug Easley
7No Cushion - The Body Slammers
8Pearl's Blues - Doug Easley & Adam Woodard

   Side B
1Riffology - The Body Slammers
2Honky - The Body Slammers
3Real Good Time - Doug Easley & Adam Woodard
4Cut'em Loose - The Heat
51,2,3 - Doug Easley
6Twisted Steel - The Heat
7You Get The Car - The Body Slammers
8Leaving - The S.A.D. Few
9Stoned - The Heat

   Notes: Limited Edition 180gram Blood Red Vinyl.

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