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Released: 2016-11-23
Production Code:
Production Label: YMZpro.com

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   Disc 1
1Yoneyamadesu 2016 v2 (Winter Album Version)
2Doko ni demo ari-sōna ravusongu
3start up
4YMZ's summer festival digest video BGM 3
5YMZ's summer festival digest video BGM 1
6Futari de hanashita ano Ni~Tsu no omoide (The Famous Detective Yone-chan's Theme Song))
9Ā ā ā ā ā ā ā ā
10Pikopiko 8 beat
11Mei tantei Yone-chan nichijō
12Mei tantei Yone-chan kōsatsu
13Mei tantei Yone-chan kyasuto
14Mei tantei Yone-chan endorōru
15Kingo Yamashita entrance theme song
16Yoneyamadesu 2016 v2 (Fall Version)

   Notes: CD-R. All Play & Composed by MASAKI(YMZ)/YMZnoMASAKI.

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