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Released: 2016
Production Code: BRGR-990
Production Label: Burger Records

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   Disc 1
1Breakin' Bones (2:15)
2A Sweet Transvestite With A Broken Nose (2:36)
3Imagine What I Could Do To You (2:13)
4I'm In Love With Me (3:14)
5The Krippler (3:37)
6Mighty Big Girl (2:56)
7Something Very Strange About A Cowboy (3:23)
8Sadist In Sequins (2:38)
9Shake Wrestle 'N' Roll (2:56)
10Violence Is Golden (3:22)
11Street Rap (3:21)
12Merchant Of Menace (2:57)

Total Length: 35:28
   Notes: Burger Records' 30th Anniversary Reissuing Digi-Pack CD.

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