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> Home > Other > CD Album > Michinoku Pro Wrestling "Ore no Umi ~ Umi no Tamashii"
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Released: 2016-12-07
Production Code: KICS-3443
Production Label: King Records

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   Disc 1
1Ore no Umi - Kesen Numajiro
2Shabontama - Kesen Numajiro
3Northern Ocean - Kesen Numajiro
4To My Son. - Kesen Numajiro
5Umi no Tamashii - Kesen Numajiro
6Michinoku Pro-Wrestling Theme - SHIBATA NAOTO PROJECT
7Ore no Umi (Karaoke)
8Shabontama (Karaoke)
9Northern Ocean (Karaoke)
10To My Son. (Karaoke)
11Umi no Tamashii (Karaoke)

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