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Released: 2016-05-25
Production Code: DGTR-1007
Production Label: Dragon Gate Records

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   Disc 1
1Wolfish Soldier / YO-HEI feat. Aki (Verserk Theme)
2Muscular Countdown ~Do What YoU Want~ / ACMA (Naruki Doi Theme)
3Yamato Spirit / ACMA (YAMATO Theme)
4Legend Falconry (Shingo Takagi Theme)
5Pineapple Bomber (Cyber Kong Theme)
6Shining Wave ~Casanova Bomber Fire~ / Ino Head Park (Naoki Tanizaki Theme)
7Live My Dreams / Masakazu Murata (Kotoka Theme)
8Salty a Boo!! Boo!! (Mondai Ryu Theme)
9Muscular Countdown ~Remix Version~ / Hiromitsu "Nabe" Watanabe*
10Yamato Spirit ~2016 Electro Punk Remix~ / ACMA*
11Legend Falconry ~Oriental Mix~*
12Shining Wave ~English Lyrics~ / John Underdown & RIKIJI*
13Live My Dreams ~Funk Rock Version~ / Trinote*

   Notes: * Bonus tracks.

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